14 Jun 2024Read of the weekYoung Women Aspire To DINK Lifestyles

Financial insecurity is prompting many to rethink traditional markers of success. For a growing number of young women, conventional milestones like marriage, homeownership, and childbirth are taking a backseat. Instead, they are prioritising combining incomes and are opting to live child-free.

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According to research from Credit Karma, many Gen Zers and Yers are aiming to be ‘DINKs,’ or ‘dual-income-no-kids.’ They are prioritising their careers and finances, with 45% of Gen Y women and 41% of Gen Z women expressing disinterest in conventional timelines for settling down. "The past few decades have shown that societal norms have evolved, with millennial women playing a major role in that shift,” said Courtney Alev, consumer financial advocate at Intuit Credit Karma. “As a result, many women today aren't bound by the timelines of previous generations, choosing instead to prioritize their careers over early motherhood."

The economic impact of Gen Y women will become increasingly significant in the coming years, as many face the choice between careers and families. Of the Gen Y women surveyed by Credit Karma who did not want children, 40% cited financial constraints as the reason. Economic challenges in the early 2020s have led debt-laden Gen Yers to accrue more loans, with little indication that raising children will become more affordable for a generation that has already postponed starting families.

While economic concerns have prolonged the youth of many in the Gen Y cohort, the anticipated wealth transfer from Boomers to Gen Y may alter the financial landscape for this struggling generation. And as a growing number of people worldwide choose not to have children, brands like Happy & Childless are providing a space for adults without kids to connect.