30 Oct 2023Keeping tenKeeping 10: insights that got us talking in October

From tech fans battling digital fatigue to Gen Zers seeking out long-form content and consumers desiring ‘real’ and personalised comms, the way brands interact with audiences is undergoing a pivotal shift. Here are the top ten insights and behavioural shifts that got us talking in October.

J’Nae PhillipsJ'Nae Phillips is an Insights Editor at Canvas8. After an early career working in fashion and media, her passion for culture and journalism grew and she made the transition to writing and editing full-time. She specialises in fashion, trends, cultural shifts and all of the good stuff that gets people talking.

🤳🏼 Gen Zers seek out long-form content – Gen Zers are stereotyped for their short attention spans, but their interest in video essays challenges this notion. The allure of video essays is that they also provide visual stimulation while unpacking topics and educating their listeners in an engaging way, leading brands to level up deep dives and long-form content experiences.

📲 Tech fans face digital fatigue – in a world where tech is evolving rapidly, consumers are experiencing digital fatigue as they struggle to keep up with the expectation that they have to be online 24/7. By focusing on design and solid features, brands like Nothing are creating tech for a new generation of users where innovation takes a backseat.

Askar Abayev (2020)

🍿 Snackers level up their luxury appetite – a new collection of Pringle's curates flavours with different caviars, attempting to ride the wave of highbrow snacking popularized across social media. Snack sets like these lean into people looking for more cost-effective ways to eat luxuriously while blurring the borders around tastemaking and luxe foodie experiences.

🛍 HNWIs reimagine luxe values and ethos – as climate change is set to bring massive global disruptions to the luxury sector due to supply chain issues and scarcity-related cost increases, and as tech innovations shape the future of prestige, 2024 will see luxury mindsets divert from the norm. In the Canvas8 2024 Expert Outlook on Luxury, three experts explore what will entice luxury shoppers next year and beyond.

👀 Consumers seek ‘real’ and personalised comms – with content moderation shaping people's understanding of reality, a new era of cultural discourse emerging on social media and AI bursting the personalisation bubble, 2024 will see a transformation in the comms landscape. In the Canvas8 2024 Expert Outlook on Communications, three experts explore how people will interact with each other and brands next year and beyond.

💞 LGBTQ+ fans expect diverse queer representations – Australian singer Troye Sivan is captivating audiences with his queer-positive and emotive representation of masculinity. As contemporary music and culture fans move towards wholesome, communal, and queer-inclusive sexual aesthetics, identity representation is levelling up to cater to this shift.

⏱ People favour time together over high-end experiences – research has found that consumers are more likely to opt for lower-quality experiences if it means they can spend time with family or friends. With feelings of loneliness spreading, brands are catering to consumers' growing need for social connectedness and a sense of belonging.

Tim Gouw (2017)

✈️ Holiday goers level up experiences in 2024 – with holiday-makers opting for longer breaks, AI helping people from minority backgrounds feel safer on trips and the high cost of living impacting spontaneous travel, 2024 will see a shift in the travel landscape. In the Canvas8 2024 Expert Outlook on Travel and Leisure, three experts explore how people will approach travel and leisure next year and beyond.

✨ Gamers embrace ‘geek culture’ – a combination of complex play and fantastical art is appealing to engaged fandoms across the ‘geek culture’ spectrum. By making games accessible to new audiences via familiar characters while giving existing players a fresh way to engage with their favourite IPs, updated narratives align with contemporary gamer values.

❗️ Gen Zers opt for one-stop-shop platforms – consumers are always looking for new and intuitive online shopping experiences, and brands are catering to Gen Zers’ preferences through a one-stop-shop appeal that marries transparency and gamification. As brands like TEMU seamlessly fuse Amazon’s diversity with TikTok’s vibrancy, modern shopping trends are being enriched by bringing distinct and separate worlds together.