10 Mar 2023Read of the weekRead of the week: Zillennials want statement weddings

As older Gen Zers get married they're approaching wedding celebrations in ways distinct from other generations. Zillennials want to make a statement when they tie the knot and they want their wedding celebrations to feel true to them, which is being achieved through a blend of tradition and tech.

J’Nae PhillipsJ'Nae Phillips is an Insights Editor at Canvas8. After an early career working in fashion and media, her passion for culture and journalism grew and she made the transition to writing and editing full-time. Outside of Canvas8, she can be found writing for her style-focused newsletter or adding to her growing book collection.

The Knot’s 2022 Real Weddings Study surveyed around 12,000 married and newly engaged couples in the US, including older Gen Zers around 25. 83% stated that photo/video was the most important element of their wedding day and they are more likely to provide guests with the tools to take their own photos, 67% reported a grand entrance/exit as a crucial factor, and 40% cited ethnic, religious, and/or cultural wedding elements as a high priority.

Pressures to hit societal milestones such as getting married are high for younger generations, with 77% of Gen Yers and 83% of Gen Zers experiencing “milestone anxiety” relating to reaching and achieving big life events such as marriage.

With attitudes towards marriage in a constant state of flux, Zillennials are approaching marriage from their own unique perspective and are intertwining the aesthetics of times past with futuristic sensibilities to find a sense of comfort and excitement in the wedding experience.