Nov 4, 2022Read of the weekRead of the week: Japanese airline rethinks remote work

An era of hybrid and remote work triggered by the pandemic has made people rethink their work-life balance and pre-pandemic work routines. In Japan, as rising inflation and the cost of living in major cities becomes unattainable for many, one airline is rethinking the way people work remotely.

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Star Flyer, a budget Japanese airline headquartered on the grounds of Kitakyushu Airport in Japan, is planning to offer a monthly subscription service for Tokyo-based hybrid workers that will cover unlimited flights to and from the capital as well as rent in the city of Kitakyushu. Coming in spring 2023 and costing between ¥200,000 and ¥400,000 per month, this offer targets hybrid workers that are looking for cheaper alternatives to Tokyo living.

The nationwide average monthly rent for a one-room apartment in Japan is between ¥50,000 and ¥70,000, with rent for a similar-sized apartment in the capital city of Tokyo starting at around ¥100,000. And with over 37% of Japan-based businesses implementing remote work for employees, the cost of living in major cities is becoming unaffordable for many hybrid and remote workers.

With a remote work revolution well and truly taking hold across many corners of the globe, innovative solutions that allow employees to take back control of their lives and careers will only grow in appeal. And with a cost of living crisis forcing people to reevaluate where they work and live, shifting priorities may mean that the changing nature of the future of work is only set to continue.