October 6, 2021France makes mental health an accessible priority for all

Following the pandemic, people are looking for reactive as well as proactive ways to address their mental health. But many measures often come with a hefty price point. Starting in 2022, France will be offering free therapy for French citizens, making mental health support more accessible for all.

Leila Zadeh

President Macron has announced that starting in 2022, all French citizens aged 3 and older will be eligible for free mental health therapy. “Mental health is a major issue that is insufficiently addressed in our country,” he says. The announcement follows survey results which revealed that 10% of French citizens had suicidal thoughts between March 2020 and March 2021. The measures will cover an initial €40 consultation along with seven additional visits at a rate of €30, with the option to renew if needed. But the president urged the public to only use the services if they cannot already afford them.

France is beginning to catch up with its peers, such as Germany and the UK, with its moves to address what's been dubbed the global mental health crisis. Indeed, 57% of people globally have experienced some sort of COVID-19-related adversity or trauma. And coming out of the pandemic, it’s becoming clear that the mental health crisis is persisting which will have long-term implications. But while therapy or mental health retreats are growing in popularity, for most people, these pursuits remain an unattainable privilege and luxury. Brands and businesses can join governments in offering more accessible services that equip people with the tools needed to build more resilient mental health and improve their wellbeing.

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