May 27, 2021Thursday app offers mindful approach to dating

The pandemic has seen more people using dating apps but with hours spent scrolling and swiping, many are experiencing tech fatigue. Dating app Thursday is offering a more balanced approach to online dating by giving people a chance to find love online, just one day a week.

Leila Zadeh

Thursday aims to tackle the problem of endless, mindless scrolling and swiping by providing a healthier and more considered approach to online dating – “because there’s more to life than dating apps,” says the brand. The app is only available on Thursdays, giving users 24 hours to find their match. Users then have a short window to act, with all matches and conversations disappearing at midnight. The app also encourages people to free up their calendars on Thursday evenings so dates can be set up that very same evening. The London-based app will also launch in New York, with roughly 125,000 people pre-registered.

From dating app fatigue to subscription fatigue, people are feeling the burden of their ongoing use of technology. Indeed, 61% of Americans say they’ve experienced tech fatigue throughout the pandemic, with 52% saying they’d like to take a break from technology altogether. And in the UK, 38% of Britons say their eyesight has worsened as a result of excessive screen-time. Post-pandemic, many are looking for a more balanced and healthy approach to their tech use. This gives brands an opportunity to give people the tools to build more resilient mental states and improve their wellbeing, all while still reaping the benefits of their products and services.

Leila Zadeh is a cultural anthropologist with an MA from UCL. She's especially interested in the relationship between humans and digital-era technology and how they imbricate with other cultural and social systems. Outside work she loves going to museums, dancing ballet, and reading historical fiction novels.

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