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Oral care can feel like a necessary chore - but what if it could be an indulgent experience that boosts your mood? With aesthetically pleasing packaging, CO. by Colgate, which is launching exclusively at Ulta, is targeting Gen Zers who are taking a more holistic, whole-body approach to self-care. We explore the insights behind why people are incorporating oral care into their beauty routine.

The CO. collection includes seven oral care products including the Oh So Dazzling Enzyme-Powered Whitening Toothpaste and the Later, Stains! Foaming Anti-Stain Mouth Rinse. It’s far from your regular tube of toothpaste - the products' playful, holographic purple packaging looks more like something from a beauty brand like Glossier. "We know how important daily routines are to our guests' holistic wellbeing,” says Monica Arnaudo, Chief Merchandising Officer at Ulta Beauty. ”CO. by Colgate turns the simple act of brushing one's teeth into a self-care ritual." Extending the act of care beyond the user, CO. is planning to donate a percentage of sales to non-profits.

People are turning their bedrooms into self care sanctuaries
CO. by Colgate (2021) ©

2020 was a tough year for Gen Zers in the US, 34% of whom said their mental health was worse than the previous year. To cope, people have started investing more effort and money in self-care rituals - be that hair masks, DIY facials, or body treatments. In fact, 70% of Americans were more conscious of needing self-care in 2020. “During the pandemic, people have been looking to beauty as an emotional crutch. They’re turning their bathrooms into sanctuaries,” says beauty journalist and brand consultant Shannon Peter. With 69% of Americans planning to do more self-care in 2021 than last year, there is an opportunity for brands to position routines that are usually seen as a chore - such as brushing teeth - as an indulgent and enjoyable ritual. Just as Colgate is adding a self-care element into dental hygiene, Mindalt’s natural roll-on deodorant is boosting moods through essential oils and aromachology.

Rebecca Smith is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has worked with global clients including Google for Education, Dentsu Aegis, and Superbrands. Outside of work, you’ll find her searching for the UK’s best cacio e pepe or with her nose in a fantasy novel.


31 Mar 21
2 min read

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