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What new behaviours are impacting sectors like fashion and style, eating and drinking, and home and relationships in the pandemic? And what consumer mindsets are set to shape 2021? Tune into Canvas8 Live: Expert Outlook Deep Dive for insights on what to expect in the 'new normal'.

2020 turned reality on its head. Between COVID-19, global protests, an ongoing climate disaster, and a divisive US election, so much was ‘unprecedented’ that people grew sick of the word. The limits of what we know (and presume) to be true have been tested and broken. 

Seeing first-hand that the world can look different, people are ditching established norms and are reshaping how they live in accordance with their personal values. But not everyone’s vision is the same. 

In this episode of Canvas8 Live, our Editorial Director Kara Melchers and Associate Director of Cultural Intelligence Alex Quicho uncover the key themes to look out for, consolidating 50 expert interviews and 62 new behaviours for you in a 40-minute session.

Watch below:

Expert Outlook 2021 Live Stream from Canvas8 Live
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Download the Expert Outlook report to learn more about consumer behaviour in the year ahead.


04 Feb 21
2 min read

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