22 Dec 2021DisruptorsMetaverse gives pet parents fashion for furry friends

As a marked evolution in the realm of virtual pet play, cyber fashion brand Pepa Paris has launched a collection of NFT outfits to accessorise animals in the metaverse. From muzzles to leather leads, people are seeking out new modes of personalisation as they build out virtual 'lifestyles' online.

Matilda RuckMatilda Ruck is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a degree in politics and philosophy as well as a foundation in psychotherapy. She's passionate about exploring the interplay between creativity, psychology and culture. Outside of work, you can find her writing short stories, tending to her ginger cat Thomas O’Malley, or oscillating between yoga and karaoke practice.

Launched as an offshoot of 'contactless cyber fashion' label Tribute Brand, Pepa Paris is the brainchild of Gala Marija Vrbanic whose idea stemmed following the creation of 'Dogatar', a virtual twin for her IRL pet and limited to ten two-dimensional collectible items. Available in the form of six NFTs, the Pepa Paris collection features items such as The BRNJA Muzzle and 300 sets of limited-edition animated PERO wings which can also be used as AR filters across social channels. As part of Tribute Brand label, Vrbanic has also created LEPA, BESNI, and FIDO, a series of three ready-to-wear looks to dress up furry friends.

As people look to virtual worlds as the new frontier of digital expression and opportunity, they're seeking out ways to transport and personalise their everyday lives in the virtual sphere. From the launch of Nikeland on Roblox to BoohooMAN’s metaverse collection of NFTs, augmented fashion offerings are fast becoming big industry players and a popular mode of personalisation within virtual worlds. An interest in expanding these tools of expression beyond the self means the IRL boom in pet personalisation and clothing is fertile ground in the virtual sphere. As the metaverse grows in popularity – with a predicted $800 billion market size by 2024 – there's an opportunity for brands to respond to the desire for IRL lifestyles to be reflected in virtual offerings.