August 25, 2021Subway rebrand appeals to the health-conscious

Fast-food chain Subway is undergoing a brand refresh and teaming up with high-profile sporting celebrities to get the word out. The brand is hoping its positioning as a healthy option in the fast-food space will align with the growing focus on nutrition post-lockdown.


Subway is launching its ‘Eat Fresh Refresh’ rebranding campaign which hopes to position the company as the ‘better for you' fast-food restaurant. The refresh features an overhaul of the menu, developing its digital media targeting and strengthening delivery options. The accompanying campaign features top US athletes Serena Williams, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Megan Rapinoe. Across the 2010s, the brand struggled to compete with other chains and local options. However, Subway remains the largest chain in the US by restaurant count with around 22,000 locations. The brand is also in the midst of a hiring drive aiming for 40,000 new staff members to follow the rebrand.

While Subway may not have fared well during lockdowns, aligning itself with symbols of health and fitness may serve the brand well. Considering 42% of Americans gained more weight than they intended during the pandemic, people are looking to frame their emergence from isolation as a wellness and health journey. To add to this, vigilance surrounding nutrition feels higher than ever – indeed, 49% of American consumers say that whether a product is processed is a factor in their food and beverage purchase decisions. Taking a different approach is Slutty Vegan which has earned itself a reputation for outlandish, eye-catching marketing that has only proved to attract more consumers.

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