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The menopause will be a reality for half of the world. Yet, it continues to be shrouded in a lack of research and awareness without empowering and useful solutions. MPowder’s range of supplements seeks to address that, targeting the biochemical needs throughout the three stages of the menopause. We explore the insights behind this and why the brand fills a much-needed gap.

MPowder has designed three bespoke powders, targeting the distinct needs of the three stages of the menopause. Currently available is Peri-Boost, which focuses on perimenopause symptoms; with its plant-based ingredients, it promises to help with hormone balance, fatigue, and skin elasticity. Two further products are set to launch in 2021.

MPowder has received £500k in funding, a sign of the potential in a market projected to be worth $5.28 billion by 2023. Founder and CEO, Rebekah Brown was driven to create the range after her own frustrating experiences visiting her GP for support: “Menopause simply isn’t well enough understood or researched. It is presented as an end-of-life category when it should be a midlife empowerment category.” 

46% of 45- to 65-year-old women say they don't feel prepared for the menopause
Maria Lupan (2020) ©

People are increasingly looking for healthcare solutions that target their needs, with women, in particular, turning to supplementary healthcare; 38% of British women reported taking daily vitamins in 2019, compared to 29% of men. Despite this, and increasing conversations around women’s health, seeking to break taboos around periods, and post-birth bodies, the menopause remains a topic lacking in tailored support. As a consequence, 46% of 45- to 65-year-old women say they don't feel prepared for the menopause, and three-quarters of British women who visit their GP about menopause symptoms will leave without any solutions. The opportunity is for brands to step in, providing products that cater to - and celebrate - getting older.

Ellie Barber is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has worked across the UK, US, Europe, and Asia to unpick consumer behaviour for some of the world’s largest brands, finding herself on rooftops with Russian teenagers and eating hot pot with Shanghai’s streetwear community. When she’s not doing that, you can find her singing at weekly choir practises or attempting Ottolenghi recipes.


17 Nov 20
2 min read

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