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A consultancy firm has launched an online platform for Gen Zers as a way to network with potential future employers and to inspire them to learn new skills while under COVID-19 lockdown. Using this network, brands can find new talent and get a start on training new hires. We explore the insights behind this and why Gen Zers are seeking out career help.

The COVID-19 lockdown has paused people's career development and spawned worry about future prospects, especially among Gen Zers, with many only just entering the job market. To help, consultancy firm PRZM has launched a free membership group called PRZM People, aimed at helping Gen Zers connect with companies with job opportunities, as well as speak virtually with professionals in their preferred areas. PRZM is also launching a video series that provides career advice and opportunities for members to listen and learn from professionals. "This is a generation that doesn't like to sit still and do nothing," says Grey, PRZM's head of community.

Known for their entrepreneurialism, Gen Zers are ambitious but feel unprepared for the world of work
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Known for their entrepreneurial spirit, Gen Zers are ambitious but feel unprepared for the world of work – globally, 34% of them don’t feel they have sufficient professional connections or work experience to progress in their careers. With this in mind, lockdown could be a good time for brands to engage with Gen Zers online. Businesses can prepare potential future employees through online networking and begin training with low costs – after all, 34% of full-time employees are willing to take a 5% cut in their pay in order to be allowed to work remotely. This could also provide opportunities for businesses to invest in online platforms for other work-related tasks. And with nearly a third of Gen Z workers having been put on leave by their employers, compared to just 13% of older workers, they'll likely be eager to try out online training and new opportunities.

Hannah Houston is a Data Behavioural Analyst at Canvas8 and holds a BSc in Criminology. She loves learning languages whether that be coding, foreign or body language and is passionate about human behaviour. Outside of work you can find her walking or stroking a dog.


18 May 20
2 min read

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