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Diptyque’s Prêts-à-Parfumer collection features three innovative ways to wear perfume: a scented brooch, a bracelet, and a temporary tattoo. We explore the insights behind this and how the line feeds into a desire among younger generations to showcase aesthetically pleasing purchases on social media.

Known for its range of scented candles and fragrances, French luxury brand Diptyque is releasing a collection of highly Instagrammable scented products in a bid to engage young shoppers. The Prêts-à-Parfumer collection features a set of five temporary tattoos for £40, alongside a gold-plated brooch for £84, and a £64 perfumed bracelet. This collection reinforces Diptyque’s status as a lifestyle brand while playing into a desire for unconventional luxury. “It’s part of our DNA and heritage to create playful new perfume gestures,” says Julien Gommichon, the Americas president at Diptyque.

Diptyque's Scented 'Tattoos Diptyque's Scented 'Tattoos" Target Selfie Generation
Instagram/OhUPrettyThings ©

Aesthetics are incredibly important in the ‘selfie’ era as almost every moment has the potential to be snapped. Indeed, 82% of women in the UK feel pressured to look good online, and a quarter of American women take four to six minutes tweaking selfies before posting them online. Yet, the pressure to ‘look good’ exists beyond one’s physical self, extending to one’s home, belongings etc. In recent years, Instagrammable products have been on the rise as people purchase goods based on how visually appealing they believe them to be. And with people buying beauty products to create the most satisfying ‘shelfie,’ sometimes the product’s cuteness is put before its actual functionality. However, Diptyque’s expansion into wearable luxury is not only social media-friendly but also stays true to its intended purpose: an innovative way to both wear perfume and tap into one’s childhood nostalgia of slapping on a temporary tattoo. And considering that people are more likely to purchase something when they feel nostalgic, it could well be a smart move.

Hannah Septoff is a member of Canvas8’s editorial team and has a degree in social anthropology and politics from The University of Edinburgh. She’s passionate about the intricacies of human gender, sexuality and love and when not at work can be found on the rugby pitch or eating hummus.


29 Aug 19
2 min read

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