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Despite Tinder being known as a platform that brings people together, its latest brand campaign is an unapologetic celebration of what it means to be single, showing how the dating app understands the importance people increasingly place on remaining unattached, free and independent. We explore the insights behind the ads and understand why Tinder is embracing the single life.

Tinder has partnered up with Wieden+Kennedy to create its first brand campaign 'Single, Not Sorry' – a celebration of the single life. The campaign uses a mixture of OOH and social/digital advertising, that uses slogans that embrace the virtues of remaining unattached, such as 'Single Does What Single Wants', or 'Single Never Has To Go Home Early'. What's more, the hero of each ad is a women, who supposedly is dating unjudged and unabashed. "We had an epiphany when working on this – why is society always trying to un-single the single people?" says Laddie Peterson, creative director of Wieden+Kennedy New York.

Tinder campaign celebrates the virtues of the single life
The Drum | YouTube (October 2018) ©

For the campaign, Tinder conducted a survey in which it concluded that single Gen Y value inclusivity, freedom of expression, and freedom to do whatever they please with their bodies, the most. Values such as freedom and independence are used to highlight the beauty of remaining single, falling in line with the 71% of US Gen Yers who make the conscious decision to remain unattached. This has sparked something of an epiphany with Yers, with 81% of the cohort believing being single has more benefits than being romantically involved with someone. “Being single isn’t this purgatory you’re in until you pair up,” Peterson adds “It’s a really important time and it should be celebrated. I wish I had had someone tell me this when I was a young, single woman.”

Lucia Seoane-Pampin is a behavioral analyst at Canvas8, which specializes in behavioral insights and consumer research. Born and raised in Spain, she loves experiencing different cultures and emotional expressions. She studied psychology and communications in Boston and has a master’s in digital & visual media.


22 Oct 18
2 min read

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