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A visually stunning Lurpak ad is letting frazzled workers know that the brand understands their rushed morning routines. The smooth spot promises that a Lurpak spread will be a fuss-free fit into people’s hectic lifestyles, giving them one less thing to worry about as they head out of the door. We discover the insights behind the ad and explore how it connects with people by smoothing out their busiest moments.

Lurpak’s ‘Smoooth’ ad takes viewers through a series of ordinary morning events – waking up, boiling an egg, applying eyeliner, getting dressed – all shot to seem like part of a single, unbelievably smooth motion. Wieden+Kennedy London partnered with renowned director Kim Gehrig for the creative forty-second spot, which uses its tremendous visual appeal, music, and narration to build anticipation for the final moment when the routine is completed. “Every Lurpak ad is a considered building block of an iconic brand, so the challenge was conveying such a specific new benefit [to the product] in a way that felt true to its values,” said Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, creative directors at W+K London. “We thought making viewers experience the flow of a perfectly smooth and continuous butter spread could be both satisfying and epic.”

The ad’s visual momentum drives home the promise of a smooth morning routine
Lurpak UK | YouTube (2018) ©

Lurpak has a history of success when partnering with Wieden+Kennedy – a previous campaign for its Cook’s Range aimed to inspire adventurous home chefs with mouthwatering visuals. Its ‘Smoooth’ ad is now using the same design philosophy to reach out to busy workers with an enticing promise of convenience. “Research shows that 92% of consumers spread butter straight from the fridge, so we really wanted to address the issue of spreadability, which we know is a barrier to purchase,” said Lucy Hurrell-Morgan, brand manager at Lurpak. “With the new recipe we have created for Lurpak Softest, we can tap in to the increasing consumer demand for convenience, but with the taste and naturalness of butter.”

With the average Briton spending 43 hours a week at work, Lurpak is letting people know it will help them cut little corners in terms of meal preparation – a smart move, given that 38% of Britons say they prize convenience above all else when it comes to picking work lunches. Every shot in the ad flows seamlessly from left to right, in a clever conceptualisation around the smooth spreading of butter, and the visual momentum of the spot helps drive home the promise of an equally friction-free morning experience. As people continue to live busy, jam-packed lifestyles, everyday brands like Lurpak and Sainsbury’s are successfully connecting with people by letting them know they understand their time-pressured days, and have food options at hand that will make their lives a little easier.

Helen Jambunathan is a freelance writer currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She holds a Masters in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge, and has spent five years researching the specialty coffee industry. Outside of work, she is a die-hard tennis fan, wearer of many rings, and reader of many things.


18 Jun 18
2 min read

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