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What do shoppers expect from in-store interactions? Why is ‘everyday luxury’ so appealing to younger generations? And how is social media influencing home design? Canvas8 spoke to 42 industry experts across 14 sectors to understand the insights behind this year’s theme: ‘Break Reality’.

Entering 2018, conversations with our experts revealed a recurring theme around a desire for people to escape reality – not surprising when 2017 saw people perplexed by politics, overwhelmed by work, and made increasingly anxious by Instagram. Whether they want to ditch the rat race and look for a career that’s more meaningful, retreat to their homes to attend a concert in their pyjamas, or take time out to luxuriate in their skin care routines, people are seeking a break from real life.

While a proliferation of virtual reality headsets is an obvious conclusion, 2018 will also see a new breed of intimate social networks that offer a break from the ‘vast uncontrollable spaces’ of Facebook or Snapchat, while stores will become community spots that provide solace from the stressful high street, and staycations will appeal to those who don’t want to deal with the stress of international travel.

Read and download the full PDF of our Expert Outlook here.

Jo Allison is the editor at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. Previously, she worked for retail trends consultancy GDR, where shopping was part of the job description. When she’s not getting her head around the quirks of human behaviour, she’s busy ‘researching’ the latest food or fitness fad.


12 Jan 18
2 min read

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