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What’s the appeal of pre-loved products? Why are tangible experiences so important in brick-and-mortar spaces? And how do shoppers make buying decisions in-store when they can’t find their preferred brand? From multi-sensory experiential retail, to AR tech enabling people to ‘see’ products in their own home before purchasing, people are expecting retailers both online and offline to provide up their game. We explore the key behaviours that are affecting Shopping in 2018.

Every six months, the sharpest minds at Canvas8 discern the four behaviours we’ve seen that are impacting the home sector – from celebrating the joy in shopping, to reviving tangible shopping experiences. This time around, we explore how people are finding joy in searching for the perfect find, understand how important bricks-and-mortar stores are in the buying process as a touchpoint, explain why people are expecting brands to create perfectly-fitting garments, and look at how people are straying away from the top brand and looking to try second-best.

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Mica Anthony is an editorial assistant at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. She’s passionate about uncovering the newest electronic music producers, re-living questionable ‘90s fashion trends, and building her Depop empire.


18 Dec 18
2 min read

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