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Ointment brand Sudocrem has released a festive advert, which invites players to take part in a snowball fight against 'nappy rash gremlins'. The digital campaign utilises gamification effectively, as it allows players to win prizes while reinforcing the brand's reputation as a market leader. We explore the insights behind the ad and understand how gamification is enabling brands to better connect with people.

Leading ointment brand Sudocrem has launched a festive social media campaign called 'Snowball Fight', which invites social users to take part in a snowball fight between a group of elves and naughty 'nappy rash gremlins'. The game was created by digital and social specialists Orbital Media, which have used award-winning gamification tech to power the advert. In the game, the player uses a slingshot to fight off the advances of the nappy rash gremlins, who are threatening to overrun the elves and subsequently ruin Christmas. Periodically the player must swipe the screen to apply Sudocrem to one of the elves to treat their cuts and grazes. The advert gives players the chance to win up to £1,000 in prizes and Sudocrem products.

Gamification relies on a little give and take Gamification relies on a little give and take
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Gamification in advertising has increasingly been considered an effective tool for marketing a product. The average click-through rate for ad that uses gamification is 28.9%, compared to 3.9% for traditional adverts. Because these ads are interactive, consumers feel like they’ve been invited in on the creation process, and this serves to help them 'remember' the product. Besides increasing brand loyalty via memory, marketers believe gamification is a useful learning tool for brands – 93% of content marketers feel interactive content is effective at educating buyers, while 88% of content marketers feel it differentiates them from competitors.

Matt McEvoy is the deputy editor at Canvas8,which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. In a former life, he was a journalist working in the sports, music and lifestyle fields.


10 Dec 18
2 min read

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