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With busy lifestyles and longer working hours, not everyone can find the time or cash to maintain a healthy diet all the time. From the backlash against the ‘wellness’ obsession to a new appreciation for the frozen dinner, the way people decide what and where to eat is changing. We explore the key behaviours impacting what we’re eating and drinking in 2017.

Every six months, the sharpest minds at Canvas8 discern the four behaviours we’ve seen that are impacting what we eat and drink, from rethinking artisanal food culture to how ‘authentic’ food is sought out thousands of miles away from its source. This time around, we look at how better frozen food is making quick-and-easy dinners enjoyable, explore why parents are picking organic baby food, understand how protein-first diets are changing dining out, and discover why time-pressed people are pushing back against the clean eating movement.

See the full report here.

Mica Anthony is an editorial assistant at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. She’s passionate about uncovering the newest electronic music producers, re-living ‘90s fashion and championing the voices often left out of mainstream media.


07 Nov 17
2 min read

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