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From overdraft fees to nightmare Tinder dates, there are many things that can induce terror among Gen Yers – commitment of any kind being right there at the top. This generation’s commit-phobia has trickled down to phone contracts.

Just in time for Halloween, mobile network Giffgaff highlighted the nightmare of long contracts in its ‘End The Nightmare’ spot, which sees a woman traipse through a house of a horrors before viewers are instructed ‘End the nightmare. Don’t sign another two-year contract.’

Gen Y are notoriously hesitant to commit when it comes to marriage and jobs; 40% of them think the term ‘til death do us part’ is no longer relevant and 45% of the Gen Y workforce plan to stay with their current employer for less than two years. However, even the thought of elongated terms and conditions is now giving this generation the heebie jeebies.

Whether it’s 69% of consumers taking advantage of an early upgrade, or under 25s thinking their device needs upgrading after just 11 months, being stuck with the same phone is not an option. Studies even suggest that people are intentionally mistreating their devices as soon as they know they can upgrade, which is unsurprising considering that this generation has grown up with a disposable culture.

Countless brands have already tried to appeal to younger generations through flexible services. T-Mobile famously disrupted the industry and removed annual service contracts, while BuyBye lets people rent phones with automatic upgrades as soon as a newer model is released. Insurance provider Trōv even lets customers take out cover for designated periods of time to cover things such as holidays, avoiding the idea of long, complicated policies. Giffgaff’s tagline is ‘the mobile network run by you’, and by allowing people to take a more informal approach to tariffs, it’s avoiding scaring off even the biggest commitment-phobes.

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Hannah Callaghan is an account executive at Canvas8. When she’s not helping clients navigate the deepest layers of the Canvas8 Library, she’s probably binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or befriending other people’s dogs.


08 Nov 16
2 min read

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