An always-on method of understanding consumer behavior and culture in context.

A new model

Successful businesses put people at the heart of everything they do. Yet staying close to your audience's needs isn't always easy. Our approach tackles this challenge and delivers an always-on understanding of people that starts with membership and deepens with our consultancy services. We call it 'Living Insight'.


Consumer behavior is complex and single-method research approaches can lead to critical blind spots. Our methods focus on getting the most accurate and up-to-date answers by carefully blending disciplines together with real-world context.


We believe the future of understanding audiences relies on having distributed teams that have reach into communities and sources of expertise – a living team of specialists who allow our clients to access all corners of the world and bring the outside world in.

Always on

The world doesn't stand still and nor should your understanding. Consumer behavior is constantly changing and evolving. Every piece of work we do is about creating an internal culture of empathy for serving the consumer.

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