About usWe're building better ways to understand the world.
πŸ˜’ Born out of frustration

We launched Canvas8 in 2008 out of frustration with market research. Endless charts. Irrelevant information. No real-world context. Not organized to drive action. Uninspiring for the creatives. Unstrategic for leadership. We were fed up, so we decided to reinvent it.

🧐 The gap

No matter where we looked, it was impossible to find a useful source of truth about what's actually happening in the world and how people's behaviors and attitudes were changing. We realized that hundreds of organizations were having the same experience – wasting countless hours trying to gather inspiration and ideas about human behavior and culture instead of reacting to the opportunities.

πŸ’‘ The core idea

So, we launched Canvas8 to combine the best of four disciplines. We merged strategy, research, behavioral science, and foresight around human behavior and culture to help companies break out of their silos, seek opportunities within change, and bring the outside world into their work.

πŸš€ It worked!

Fast-forward to now, and Canvas8 is one of the world's leading independent insight partners with thousands of members across 20+ markets. We've grown significantly and have had the pleasure of working with many amazing Fortune 500 companies, world-leading experts, nimble start-ups, governments, charities, and more.

πŸ”­ Looking forward

We'll continue to drive innovation and development at the cutting edge of our field, bridging the intersections of markets, sectors, disciplines, and cultures to unlock opportunities in human behavior and culture. Our ambition is to become every organization's first port of call when trying to understand people.


Proudly independent and accountable to no one but our clients and nothing but the truth.


Based in London, New York, and LA, and globally networked with capabilities across 20+ markets.


Working with 220+ clients and over 4,500 members to deliver better insights and better work.

Our culture

Good people with curious minds doing brilliant work.Great insights require different perspectives. We're cultivating a rich, interdisciplinary team and network. From anthropologists to journalists, zoologists to strategists, we're an eclectic bunch with a deep desire to help businesses better understand people.

Our mission

To ground organizations in human understanding so they can create successful work.Staying relevant requires a relentless focus on your audience. But it's easy for businesses and creativity to become untethered. It requires discipline, effort, and humility. We keep our clients grounded in human understanding by helping them create for real people in a changing world.