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  • People are ‘pre-meeting’ fellow concert-goers People are ‘pre-meeting’ fellow concert-goers

    While dating apps like Tinder make it easy to meet local strangers, moving from the app into the real world can be daunting. New app Eye Contact puts users in touch with people planning to go to the same event as them, making the first encounter more fun.

  • An app that makes sense of the wine list An app that makes sense of the wine list

    Being a foodie might be more fashionable than ever, but wine lists are still mystifying at the best of times. Now a new app, WineGlass, promises to put all the expertise of a sommelier in your pocket. And it even uses character recognition to read the menu for you.

  • The Pirate Bay retools for smartphones The Pirate Bay retools for smartphones

    Despite being blocked by many countries, The Pirate Bay reported in July 2014 its visitor numbers have doubled since 2011. Now, the internet’s primary resource for copyrighted media is entering the mobile era by launching The Mobile Bay for smartphones and tablets.

  • iBeacon's retail revolution begins iBeacon's retail revolution begins

    iBeacon has been described as capable of revolutionising the way we interact with our environment - and now it seems that change is happening. Retailers Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay are introducing the technology to give their customers a more unique shopping experience.